Heart 100 purchased = 10 donated | Helping to protect those who protect us.

100 purchased = 10 donated    |   Helping to protect those who protect us.

ABOUT CellSafe

As they say, sometimes you just see the sign. In this case, it was a bright yellow sign in my Newborn Daughter’s NICU room.

If our phones are that dirty (which they are…and even worse), there has to be an alternative to constant cleaning.

Our phones have become extensions of ourselves – they travel everywhere with us. How many hidden germs is my phone transferring to surfaces, my hands, my face, my loved ones?

It doesn’t end there.

How many germs is my phone secretly collecting that tag along for the ride – when I set it down on the table at lunch, when I dropped it in the security bin at the airport, when I checked my email in the public restroom? (Don’t act like you’ve never done it).

In some of the darkest times, strange things come into focus. My daughter was sick, and I wanted to protect her in every way possible. My phone was a petri dish.

CellSafe was born that day.

Personal Protection Equipment for your Phone – for you and those who mean the World to you.


Available in both phone and tablet sizes.

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